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How They Asked Platinum Proposal: Brooke and Michael

How We Met

Her side: After finishing my Associate of Arts at my local community college, I transferred to Seattle Pacific University in winter 2016. I packed my car full of all my things, and my mom and I drove to my new room in the Emerson dorm. I only spent one short quarter in the dorm, but thankfully it just took one quarter at SPU to meet Michael. When I transferred, I only knew a few people. Nina, my friend from high school, luckily transferred to SPU before I did and made plenty of friends for me to adopt as my own. One of those friends was Michael. The group of us spent every day together. If we weren’t all eating a meal at Gwen (SPU’s cafeteria), we were marathoning Two and a Half Men, studying, or playing ping pong in the dorm.

After that quarter living in Emerson, I moved off campus and started working at Starbucks. I didn’t see Mike for a couple of months. One day at work, Michael came in and we were able to catch up. Catching up led to an invitation to help me study for a business law class that he’d already taken. The first night we studied consisted of endless hours talking about life, what we’ve been up to, and just about everything…but law. However, the next day I took the first exam and got an A! Naturally, I went over again for study help with my class. The nights of studying quickly became movie nights, which turned into “make each other breakfast for dinner” nights, which then turned into a date—then two, then three (and so on).

His side: Okay, so now for what really happened. After getting out of the Marines, I packed my tiny little car full of all my stuff and moved up to Seattle to start school at Seattle Pacific University. Due to an injury, I had to move into the dorms (instead of an apartment), where I made a group of friends who did everything together. It was through these friends, Nina specifically, that I met Brooke. We were all meeting in the lobby to go get Gwinner (dinner at Gwen cafeteria) when Nina told us that her friend from high school was going to join us. The moment she came out of the elevator I turned to my roommate Max and told him she had to be the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. Over the next couple of months, we’d hang out with the group of us, connecting with one another because we felt we were the most similar out of everyone. For a few months, we didn’t see each other very much since the “group” had fallen apart. We ran into each other a few times in passing, and a quick “What’s up?” would turn into long conversations until one of us was forced to leave.

This is where things get good. One morning while grabbing my morning Starbucks, I ran into Brooke. We caught up and talked about school and which classes we were taking. She was in a law class that I had already been in (and loved). I offered to help her with the class if she needed it. We talked for a bit longer and then I left, so I wouldn’t get her in any more trouble for not working. Plus, I needed to meet with my adviser, also the teacher of her law class. To my surprise, I got a message over Facebook from her asking for help studying for her test. (That’s right, she slid into my DMs!) She came over the day before the test to study (she always tends to wait until the last minute) and for the first four hours, we did everything but actually study. We talked about everything and would have kept talking, but I knew if we didn’t study, there was no way she’d want to do this again. Luckily for me, not only is she beautiful, she’s also really smart, so she got a good grade.

Only a day passed and I instantly wanted to see her again. To my surprise, she did too. We started switching off making dinners for each other and hosting movie nights. That quickly turned into going out and doing things together. We never thought of these as dates, rather just hanging out with one another. This only lasted so long before we fell in love.

How They Asked

Her side: The year prior, I signed up for a study abroad program through SPU that took me to Rome, Prague and Paris. When March came, Michael sadly but willingly drove me up to Vancouver and after our last weekend together, we said, “See you later.” Three long months filled with countless Skype dates go by, and FINALLY, it’s the day Michael comes and meets me in Paris. I surprise him at the airport, we take the train back to the Airbnb, and we get ready for dinner. On our way to dinner, Michael gets lost trying to find the restaurant.

Getting lost isn’t entirely unusual for him, so I try and help. We wander the streets near the Eiffel Tower for about fifteen minutes, before he figures out where we’re going. He leads me to the bridge we have to cross to get to the restaurant. Halfway through this bridge, Mike begins to slow down his pace and ends up trailing behind me a few feet. He finally calls out my name and I walk back to him. Mike nervously fiddles with something in his pocket, and I realize at this moment: THIS IS IT!!! He gets down on his knee and that leads us here!

His side: A few months later, as much as I prayed and wished, the day came for her to leave for her study abroad trip. After our last weekend together for a long time, I dropped her off at the airport and said the hardest goodbye I’ve ever had to say. The next three months were filled with nonstop talking and texting about what we were doing and normal chitchat. After three months of countless Skype dates and nine-hour FaceTime calls, I was able to meet up with her in France. We finally were back together.

We spent the next few hours making our way back to the AirBnb from the airport and getting ready for dinner. We headed out to dinner near the Eiffel Tower—a place that I’d been taunting her with for weeks. We started walking to dinner and by this time, Brooke is hungry and practically running wherever she goes. We finally got to the bridge overlooking the Eiffel Tower and I had to call her to come back. Begrudgingly, she walked back to where I was on the bridge and when she got to me, I got down on one knee and asked her the easiest question I’ve ever asked: “Will you marry me?”

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