How to Upgrade Your Ring to Platinum According to a Jeweler 

Fine jewelry is a long term investment, and it often represents some of the biggest milestones of our lives. From engagement rings to wedding bands and even precious family heirloom jewelry, it’s crucial to ensure that your meaningful jewelry is maintained so it can be loved for years to come. For some jewelry pieces, that may mean resetting a gemstone or upgrading to a higher quality metal — like platinum. We asked the COO and Design Director of Tacori, Nadine Tacorian, to tell us why you should consider upgrading your bridal and fashion jewelry to a platinum setting. 

“I chose platinum for my own engagement ring and wedding band because I wanted the whitest and purest metal and I love the weight of platinum,” said Nadine Tacorian, COO and Design Director of Tacori. “It feels like luxury!”

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Why might someone want to reset jewelry in platinum? What are the benefits?  

We always recommend purchasing engagement rings and wedding bands in platinum, and we’re an advocate for resetting existing jewelry in our favorite choice of metal as well. Platinum is the strongest of metals and retains its density across years of wear. As a naturally white metal there is no maintenance needed to maintain the white hue of the metal, and it is naturally hypoallergenic, which is always a plus! 

 How long does this process take and what does it entail? 

We offer a great upgrade policy for our customers as we want to extend our customer lifetime value and connection, and continue to celebrate in their legacy of love. Only Tacori pieces are eligible for upgrade credit of up to 65%. Upgrades typically take about 2-3 weeks from the time we receive the customer’s center stone. 

 Can any gemstone or jewelry piece  be reset in platinum? 

Most gemstones can be set in all metals, but it is best for a customer to take their ring to an authorized Tacori retailer for specifics. It doesn’t matter what metal the piece was originally set in, since the metal will not be used for the new piece.

 Can you reset family  heirloom jewelry? 

Yes, we can certainly reset heirloom stones in a new Tacori setting. Customers often bring a center stone from a relative to set into a new Tacori setting. We’re truly honored when customers choose Tacori to carry on their legacy.  

 Will resetting the jewelry cause any damage to the stone? 

Resetting jewelry typically does not damage the stone, and our team will certainly contact the retailer if there were any concerns in advance of removing or resetting.

 Can you also upgrade the ring by changing the style and adding more gemstones? 

Yes! Being handcrafted in California allows us to offer unrivaled customization. A Tacori expert can walk you through the customization process and help you choose diamond shape, diamond size, diamond coverage and detailing. A customer can also change the style of a ring when upgrading. As long as the cost of the piece is the same or greater than the original piece, you may certainly select other styles, and even other types of products — for instance, you can upgrade an engagement ring to an anniversary band. 

 How much does it typically cost? 

The cost depends on what design the customer chooses, the size of the center stone, etc. If a customer is upgrading a Tacori piece to a new Tacori piece, they will likely qualify for our upgrade program that gives the customer up to 65% of what they spent on the original piece towards the purchase of a new Tacori piece.

Whether you are upgrading your existing jewelry or purchasing fine jewelry for the first time, platinum is the industry standard for luxurious wedding and fashion jewelry. To learn more about platinum, visit our Metal Matters page and find us on Facebook and Instagram. To shop platinum rings, bands, necklaces and more, visit our gallery. 

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