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How They Asked Platinum Proposal: Kelsey and Anthony

Matt Hichborn | PHOTOGRAPHER

how we met

Anthony and I have been together for four years. It’s been a whirlwind of adventures, including purchasing our first home together, becoming landlords and raising two puppies. We met shortly after we both graduated from undergrad in Boston, where we fell in love and started our journey together. He went on and enrolled in graduate school. It’s been a busy few years for both of us trying to manage everything we took on. I truly could not ask for a more hardworking and supportive man.

how they asked

As graduate school was coming to an end, we were both excited for Anthony to be on the other side and continue moving forward—now with some more free time! We were surrounded by both of our families when he received his diploma. We were all so excited for him and already on cloud nine. We went to the quad to take pictures with our close friend, who is also a professional photographer. He and I posed for some photos and I went to switch out and let someone else have a turn.

Matt Hichborn | PHOTOGRAPHER

He grabbed me by the hand, pulled me back in and said, “Now that this is all over, I want to make you my wife. Will you marry me?” My head was spinning with all the emotion that had been running through me that day. Spoiler: I said “yes!” If that wasn’t enough, he gave me a beautiful ring that included a diamond and setting that’s nearly 100 years old. He went above and beyond and I’m so thankful he shared his special day with me.

                                                                                     Matt Hichborn | PHOTOGRAPHER


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