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How They Asked Platinum Proposal: Ericka and Brian

how we met

Brian and I met on New Year’s Eve in Austin, Texas at a nightclub. Don’t let the club part fool you though; it was much more magical than you may imagine in that sort of scene. Two of my girlfriends and I were visiting Austin from out of town to celebrate New Year’s Eve. We started the night out together having fun and dancing, but then my friends both left to dance with some guys they met and I was left standing there for a while on my own. All night, I really wanted one of those New Year’s party favor hats to wear, but never found one. As I was standing there, I suddenly looked up and a New Year’s Eve top hat came flying my way. It landed directly in my arms and I caught it. The hat was followed by a guy. He came up with a smile, laughing, and said, “My friend just took my hat off my head and threw it. Can I have it back?” I’m usually very shy, but was feeling a little flirtatious and replied that he couldn’t have it back. He then said, “Well, you want to have a dance-off for it?” I’m not one to back down from a dance battle, so I agreed. We danced (I won), laughed, and the rest is history. He still has the New Year’s Eve hat to this day.

how they asked

Brian surprised me in the most wonderful way I could have ever imagined. I’m an elementary school counselor in Austin. I came to school on Friday, January 18 like any normal day and was preparing to present an award to students at our morning assembly—something I do every Friday.

I walked up to the front steps of the stage to present the awards. As I was walking away after the presentation, I noticed the curtain behind me slowly began to open. I kept walking away, but finally turned back and saw Brian standing with a huge display of gorgeous flowers behind him. He started walking toward me to bring me up on stage and at that moment, I realized what was happening and immediately began crying tears of absolute joy!

The crowd began applauding very loudly and everyone was so excited. All of this was unfolding in front of over 800 students (grades PK-5), all of our staff, and the many parents who come to the assembly. We went up on stage, where Brian got down on one knee and began saying such beautiful things to me. It was then that I noticed my whole family and best friend were peeking out of the curtains behind him.

I was so surprised because they came in from out of state. Brian asked me to marry him and I said, “Of course!” All the kids and adults were cheering—it was just amazing and such a whirlwind. I was so surprised! He knows how much I care about my students and the work I do, so I absolutely loved that he chose to do it in front of them and I was so happy my family was there. It was truly a dream come true.

Why platinum?

From Brian: We chose platinum because it’s more durable, resists corrosion and doesn’t tarnish. It has a beautiful silver color to it that Erika loves. It requires very little maintenance and is less malleable than white gold. Brilliant Earth made the process so simple and easy.


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