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How They Asked Platinum Proposal: Adrianna and Colin

How We Met

Going into college, I’d just been dumped by a guy I was seeing; my friend group had shattered (as so many high school ones do); and I was going to be the first person in my family to go to college in the US. I was angry, hurt and scared. I told myself I wasn’t going to date anyone, wouldn’t try to make friends, and just focus on school and athletics. The day I got to campus that all went out the window. I’d just come back from my first cheer practice and was introducing myself to my suitemate. She was having trouble building a shelf for the ten (maybe more, honestly) pairs of Jack Rogers sandals she had and stomped down the hallway in a huff saying, “This is what football players are for.” She came back with two large men. One had red hair, a goofy-looking smile, and a big gold cross hanging out from his football T-shirt. I watched from the hallway for maybe 30 seconds before I made a noise that was supposed to excuse myself and ran into my room.

That night, I texted my soon-to-be roommate that I’d met the love of my life. She texted back, excitedly, and asked what his name was. I told her that I didn’t know, but I was sure that I’d marry him. She didn’t text back. A couple of days later when the rest of the campus (people who weren’t in preseason) moved in for freshman orientation, my roommate and I were going to walk around to explore before everything started. We walked through the other side of the hallway—turns out it was the boys’ side—and I death-gripped her arm. It was him. I could spot that red hair from anywhere. As we walked past, I was like a frightened deer. I guess he recognized me too because he stopped mid-conversation to yell a casual “hey” in my direction. I turned, but didn’t stop walking and said, “hey.” He asked if I knew his name, and I admitted I didn’t—still walking away (like girl, stop walking!). He said, “It’s Colin” and I said, “Okay. Nice to meet you,” managed a smile, and walked out of the building.

My roommate definitely thought I was crazy then if she didn’t already. The next day was freshman orientation and we started in a big blob of scared students and were slowly sorted into our orientation groups. Slower than molasses, people left the friends they’d made for the friends they would have to make. We quickly began playing icebreakers and about 10 minutes in, two people walked into our group late. It was him. The orientation leader introduced the next icebreaker: pterodactyl. If you don’t know it, look it up. But basically, I was not going to embarrass myself playing that in front of him. I benched myself.

To my surprise, he came and sat down next to me. I couldn’t tell you what we talked about, or how it happened. But after that, we ate lunch together, hung out after practices and games, went out together, etc.—anything you’d do by yourself in college. We did it all together. The years flew by and we eventually went to grad school together (he graduated in 2018, I’m graduating in 2019), got our first off-campus apartment, got ENGAGED, and adopted a little pupper (@myshyschnoodle). Now, as I get ready to graduate, we’re packing up to move to our new apartment in the Richmond, Virginia, area and doing ALL the wedding planning. We can’t wait.


How They Asked

When you’ve been dating for a while, engagement talks happen frequently. At least for us it did. When would the “right” time be? What would our wedding look like? What should the ring look like? At some point around our five-year anniversary, everyone was getting engaged—and I was getting antsy. After a much-needed temper tantrum about that and so many other things, Colin graciously offered to take me to look at rings. We made a weekend out of it, going to different places, learning and understanding everything. Turns out, I had no idea what I actually wanted. We talked about it some more and decided the only thing that made sense would be if he could get the ring with no interest for a long time. Turns out, @DiamondsDirect was running that deal. I kept pressuring Colin to call the rep we’d met with. Poor guy. I would get frustrated whenever “another one” got engaged and I felt like we wouldn’t. Again, poor guy.

When the month passed and he hadn’t bought the ring (or so I thought), this topic was tabled for another year. Well, if we couldn’t get engaged then I’d at least want to do some couple photos before he had to leave me (moving out to start his job in Richmond). Apparently, that wasn’t my idea at all. Colin had met with Kendall, one of my good friends (now bridesmaid!) and classmates. She’d taken photos for us a couple of times before, so it was very in the realm of ordinary. He’d ordered the ring and wanted the moment captured.

After the craziness of midterms was over, we finally had a day for our photo shoot. I picked out our outfits and had an idea of what I wanted to do. Colin’s only request was that we took pictures by the dock because he liked it there. When we got to the dock he ran to the restroom (nothing out of the ordinary TBH), and I chatted and joked with my friend about how often he goes to the restroom. She was so casual—I don’t know how she did it! He came back and we took some pictures, and he whispered, “I love you” and I said, “I love you too” and thought to myself, ‘Look at the camera, you doofus.’ He turned to me and took my hands and I thought, ‘This is a weird pose’ and he told me again “I love you.” I started to say “I love you too” when he said, “We’ve been together for five years…” and I realized what was happening and honestly blacked out.

All of a sudden he was down on one knee and there was a ring, and all I could say was “for real?” Speechless. I think I said yes eventually. But I was in so much shock that I think I said “for real” maybe seven times. I’d convinced myself that it wasn’t happening. Then it was. And I saw my whole future in that moment. And it did not feel “for real.” It was. It is! We took some more photos, then went back to our first apartment to take it all in. We took some time to enjoy our engagement, think about what we wanted and of course, get our dog. Now we’re happily wedding planning and eager to get married next June.

Why Platinum?

The ring has an oval center stone with a double pavé halo and a delicate split shank. I knew that I wanted white gold, but when Colin went to actually buy the ring, he opted for platinum (both for the engagement ring and wedding band). He made the upgrade because of the durability and safety of the metal. We both want this to be the ring I wear for the rest of my life, so in the span of the next 60-70 years, it needs to hold its own!

Personally, I’m thankful for platinum because I’m clumsy and would likely scratch anything else. I’m also likely to forget my ring on the sink somewhere—but this thing is heavy and I KNOW when I’m not wearing it.


Special Thanks

Kendall Quirk | PHOTOGRAPHER

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