How to Create a Stunning Spring Wedding with Pastels & Platinum

If you’re planning a seasonal spring wedding, there’s one detail that you must determine before getting started: the color palette. While the sunny, warm weather will speak for itself, the color of the décor and details are essential in conveying the feeling of spring on your special day.

Although there are many spring colors to choose from, there’s nothing quite as stunning as pastels and platinum. Fortunately, this combination is something that can easily be incorporated into all aspects of your wedding!

Platinum Pastels


When it comes to bringing this color palette to life, your wedding look is key. Add a pop of pastel to your wedding day with these Featherstone Purple Earrings set in Platinum; Or if you want to keep your wedding-wear white, like the metal of your jewelry, go for this flower-shaped necklace by Christopher Design. You can display gorgeous pastels in your bouquets or bridesmaids’ dresses as well!

If you haven’t selected your wedding band, this is a great opportunity to showcase your spring theme. Choose a delicate platinum piece, such as this pear-cut diamond ring by Ritani. This will serve as the perfect reminder of your special spring wedding.

Since it’s all in the details, don’t forget about the decor. Platinum and pastels pair beautifully together for stunning table settings, cake toppers, signs and all other wedding day elements.

Platinum and pastels are a pair that you can count on to make your special day even brighter, and be one you and your guests never forget. Now, it’s time to start planning! Browse our extensive collection of Platinum Jewelry and find the perfect pieces for your unique personality and style here.


Earrings: Featherstone
Wedding Band: Ritani
Necklace: Christopher Designs
Cake: Martha Stewart Wedding
Dresses: Brit & Co
Bouquets: Martha Stewart Wedding
Table Setting: Weddingomania

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