Celebrity Engagement Ring Platinum Style Predictions

We have watched a number of serious relationships in Hollywood mature this year, so it is only a matter of time before we see an influx of celebrity proposals…in platinum, of course! After all, platinum is praised as the most secure setting for invaluable diamonds and gemstones, and its naturally white color further enhances the brilliance of these stones. Platinum Guild International, the marketing association for the platinum jewelry industry, selected some leading female celebrity personalities and predicted each of their platinum engagement ring styles. (listen up, boyfriends!)

Jennifer Lawrence is known for her refreshingly honest and non-conformist personality, so we envision her filmmaker boyfriend Darren Aronofsky proposing with a modern engagement ring style, set in the world’s most durable precious metal – platinum.


Emma Watson is a timeless beauty who prefers understated elegance, which perfectly complements platinum’s unfading color and heirloom qualities. Tech boyfriend William “Mack” Knight might propose with classic oval diamond solitaire.

Emma Watson Platinum Engagement Ring

Jennifer Lopez is a glamorous woman who is not afraid to make a statement with her bold fashion choices, and everyone knows her love of large diamond jewelry. Her professional baseball player boyfriend Alex Rodriguez will most likely select an extra large diamond as the center stone, set with platinum prongs in order to secure the major bauble.


Jennifer Lopez Platinum Engagement Ring

Alexa Chung is the epitome of “cool chic” and is admired for ability to set fashion trends. Superstar actor boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard might opt for a non-traditional and unique engagement ring style set in sleek platinum.

Alexa Chung Platinum Engagement Ring


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