Breathe New Life into Your Jewelry by Resetting Your Stone in Platinum

Engagement Ring: Designs by Vatche | Photographer: Amy Jackson Photography

Resetting a piece of heirloom jewelry is an opportunity to preserve a piece of history while adding your own story to the next chapter. The technique is most commonly known for transforming antique engagement rings into jewelry that matches a woman’s modern style, but resetting a stone can be done to create any type of jewelry whether it be a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, or earrings to preserve your family’s memories in a beautiful new form.

The first step to preserving a precious diamond or gemstone is selecting a metal for the new setting. Resetting in platinum offers several advantages with the most important being durability which keeps your gemstone secure. Because platinum is stronger and denser than gold, it withstands years of daily wear. Additionally, platinum’s natural white color won’t fade to yellow over time, so your beautiful diamond or gemstone’s natural sparkle will radiate! Platinum is a super versatile material that can breathe new life into your most treasured pieces.

The stories below are shining examples of how platinum is vital in protecting your gems and memories. Continue reading to see how jewelry lovers like you embellished the old by adding a little new through the process of resetting.


Reset in platinum to achieve an updated style

Resetting can change the style of an heirloom into something you’re excited to wear. That was the case for Alicia, who was thrilled when her fiancé popped the question, but less thrilled about the ring’s style, which had once belonged to her future mother-in-law. The stone was set in white gold that had faded over time. The ring also had a high prong setting, which Alicia deemed old-fashioned. While it was a symbol of being accepted into her fiancé’s family, the ring did not match Alicia’s personality, skin tone, or the “perfect” engagement ring ring she had envisioned for herself. She felt torn—until Alicia and her fiancé came to compromise: They would have the inherited ring reset in a new platinum setting. The metal would match Alicia’s style and preserve the family heirloom. It was the perfect mix of something old and something new, and Alicia loves to share the story behind the ring that now sits above her wedding band. She hopes that one day she’ll be able to pass this ring down to her own child, and platinum’s durability makes that possible.


Harry Kotlar pear shaped diamond platinum necklace

Reset in platinum to create an entirely new piece of jewelry

Stones from one type of jewelry can be reset in an entirely new piece: A ring can easily become a necklace, bracelet, or even a brooch or set of hair pin.

When Matthew was married last year, he wanted to give his bride a special gift to wear on her wedding day: a platinum necklace made from the pear-shaped diamond of his grandmother’s engagement ring. Along with a way to wear a reminder of her grandmother on their wedding day, Matthew’s wife now has a piece of jewelry tied to memories that span three generations.

When Taashi, a mother of two teen girls, lost her mom, she inherited a pair of vintage stud earrings. At first, she tucked them away in a box that held all of her sentimental belongings. She was afraid she’d lose or damage the dainty earrings. Still, Taashi thought about the earrings each time she saw a piece of jewelry or clothing that reminded her of her mother’s amazing style. Ultimately, Taashi had the earrings reset into two platinum necklaces, one for each of her daughters. The girls wear the necklaces every day without worry that the metal will tarnish or lose its luster. They’re a constant reminder of their grandmother’s love while reflecting the girls’ trendy style.


Reset in platinum to enhance size and color

Sarah, an artist, was gifted her mother’s sapphire ring, but the setting did not complement Sarah’s lifestyle. It was a little too fragile looking for her everyday work, so Sarah decided to see what her options were to reset the sapphire gemstone. Sarah learned from her jeweler that if she reset the sapphire in platinum, not only would the naturally white metal enhance the brilliance of the blue gemstone, but that the strength in a platinum bezel setting will stand the test of time with her lifestyle and give her that modern look she loves.

Updating a setting provides the wearer with a lot of customizable options. A different shaped halo can give the illusion that the stone takes on a new shape, or a diamond halo can make a more modest center stone appear larger.

Just think, you don’t necessarily have to wait to inherit a family heirloom; a milestone anniversary might be the perfect excuse to have your engagement ring’s style grow with your marriage.


Preserve your memories for lifetimes to come

Whenever you decide to reset a stone, choose a jeweler with a trusted reputation and one who can provide proof that they are working with high-quality platinum—look for jewelry stamped with PLATINUM, PLAT, PT, PT 950, or 950PT, which indicates that an alloy is made from least 95% or 90% platinum. And remember: Resetting is an investment. You’re not just preserving a stone but also the decades of memories that are tied to your heirloom. Choose only the best for the history that is passed on to you and the future you will pass on to the coming generations.

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