7 Trends in Platinum Engagement Rings

Women are much more involved in choosing their engagement ring than they were five years ago. They are looking for something unique and personal which is great news for designers and brands who can now offer more design options and push the boundaries of what an engagement ring should be.

Here are 7 new trends to consider if you are looking for a ring, they all look the best in platinum.


3-Stone Rings

3-stone rings have been making a come-back since Prince Harry picked one for Meghan. They symbolize your past, present and future together and are the preferred setting to consider when it’s time for an upgrade. I love the trend of including fancy shaped diamonds in the diamond combination.

You can choose to keep your 3-stone story within one same diamond shape, how gorgeous are these oval-cut diamonds set in a Jeffrey Daniels platinum setting?

Jeffrey Daniels platinum three stone engagement ring

Or you can mix and match shapes like Meghan. This Gabriel & Co ring features a cushion center with 2 side half-moons, it’s very regal!

Gabriel & Co Monroe Platinum Three Stone Engagement Ring

Bezel Settings

Self-care has become a priority for modern women which is why bezel settings are seeing a rise in popularity. A bezel setting surrounds your center stone with metal. It means your center stone is very secure, even more-so when your crown is in platinum. With a bezel setting, you can keep your engagement ring on for most of your daily activities.

How pretty is this vintage style setting by Trumpet and Horn? The center diamond is set in a full bezel then surrounded by a circle of channel set diamonds.

Trumpet and Horn Bezel Set Platinum Engagement Ring

Here are two hot trends mixed into one hot new ring! This 3-stone bezel setting designed by Gumuchian is in platinum of course. It’s a beautiful ring that is both timeless and a little edgy.

Gumuchian three stone bezel set platinum engagement ring

Sapphire Center Stones

Sapphires are so special. I personally think they only look good set in platinum. The natural whiteness and purity of platinum complements sapphire’s blue hue perfectly.

I fell in love with this ring during the AGTA GemFair back in February and I still have a crush. The platinum crown is so beautiful. These pave prongs and side pear diamonds are just perfect.

David Gross Sapphire Engagement Ring Set in Platinum

I am not a big fan of the Diana/Kate setting as I think it very retro which is not for everybody. This floral setting dating from the 1920’s is much more whimsical and feminine which makes it fresh. It is available at Ashley Zhang Jewelry.



Under Halos

Platinum solitaires are making a comeback. One of the hottest new trends is to pick a setting with a hidden halo or an under halo, depending on whether you can see it from the top or not.

In this ring by Noam Carver, you can spot the dainty under halo from the top.

Noam Carver under halo platinum engagement ring

Here is a beautiful platinum cathedral setting by The True Gem featuring a hidden halo that you can only spot from the sides.

The True Gem Hidden Halo Platinum Engagement Ring


Pear Diamond Centers

Ovals are having a moment, but we are seeing more and more rings featuring pear cut diamond centers. I love this versatile shape that elongates the finger. You can wear it two ways, with the point aiming to the outside world when you feel extroverted and social, or pointing in your direction when you are in a reflective mood.

Here is a very juicy and lovely pear set in a platinum halo by Martin Flyer. A halo setting can enhance the size of your center stone. Did you know that pear diamonds tend to look larger than their brilliant cut counterparts for the same carat weight?

Martin Flyer Pear Shaped Platinum Engagement Ring

WOW! The details on the platinum crown of this Kirk Kara ring are just mesmerizing.Kirk Kara Platinum Pear Halo Engagement Ring


Hexagonal Halos

I love the geometry of hexagonal halos, it gives this popular setting a Deco yet very now vibe.

This brand new design by Mars Jewelry is going to be a hot seller! The combination of sparkle on top and a sleek platinum band is beautiful.

Mars Fine Jewelry Hexagonal Halo Platinum Engagement Ring

Also hot off the bench, a beautiful hex halo by Sholdt. The setting features their signature fern finish and two elongated side baguettes.

Sholdt Hexagonal Halo Platinum Engagement Ring



Baguette Bands

Baguette diamonds are also making a comeback. They can adorn an engagement ring setting or a wedding band. In the latter category, the hottest trend is to set the baguettes horizontally… a look I love.

I am always excited to meet new designers with a fresh approach to bridal design. Lindsey Scoggins launched her line last year featuring gorgeous and very well made designs. Don’t miss the brick design details on this platinum band.

Lindsey Scoggins baguette diamond platinum band

This dainty baguette band spotted at Greenwich St. Jewelers is so pretty. It is a new platinum style designed by Jennie Kwon.

Jenny Kwon baguette diamond platinum band Greenwich St Jewelers



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Severine Ferrari is the founder of Engagement 101, the first multi-media platform dedicated to couples planning their engagement. Though she resides in New York, her native French sense of style and romance still strongly influences her editorial vision and voice.


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