5 Tenacious Platinum Jewels for the Hardworking Virgo in Your Life

Stationed between Taurus and Capricorn—making it the most powerful of the three Earth signs—Virgo is rooted in stability, practicality, and loyalty. Virgo men and women are known to be among the hardest workers, shunning the spotlight and allowing their dedication to do all the talking. Preferring a methodical approach to life, they are exceptional planners and find it most comfortable to practice caution before proceeding with analytical precision… if harnessed correctly, this can lead to accomplishments that are nothing short of extraordinary. Platinum is the best of the best, which would make platinum jewelry the perfect choice for all your Virgo’s well-earned victories.

Paul Spurgeon Platinum Diamond Earring

These platinum and marquise diamond earrings by Paul Spurgeon will be a Virgo’s jewelry mainstay: the gentle curl can be angled in several directions, creating a dangling silhouette that can either face outwards or inwards, curve up the entire lobe, or rest horizontally to achieve a charming half-dome effect. Sensible, yet tastefully exciting!


Jacobs Bypass Platinum and Pink Diamond Ring
The Virgo individual tends to naturally reciprocate; friendship blossoms from genuine deeds and words, and affection is freely given when received in earnest. This is why Jacob’s Diamond & Estate Jewelry’s baguette ruby and diamond bypass ring—balanced in shape and color—is a platinum gift that any Virgo will treasure. It is also a vintage piece, which will cater to a Virgo’s pragmatic inclination of enjoying what can already be found.


Jochen Tourmaline Platinum Diamond Ring
A lovely shade of green for the steadfast and grounded Virgo, with a durable platinum band of considerable size to match. This tourmaline hero is by Jochen Leën.


Attention to detail is also one of Virgo’s best qualities, and platinum jewelry truly indulges this to gratifying effect. Because the metal is so strong, platinum can be wrought into lace-like fineness and exhibit many breathtaking features—texture upon itself (i.e. milgrain), or highlight negative space to create beautiful florets like the brooch below… studded with diamonds, no less!

Iskender Virgo Platinum Brooch
This magnificent find from Iskender is perfectly-sized for the modest Virgo; small enough to suit her elegantly reserved personality, and large enough to show she knows quality when she sees it.


However, too much order and discipline can actually cause a Virgo to come face-to-face with her greatest nightmare: failure! Platinum jewelry is ready to come to the rescue by fending off disappointment and worry with a healthy dose of whimsy. In other words, choose a gift that will sparkle, move, have some sapphires and peridots… or all three! Remind your Virgo that sometimes having a bit of nonsense with your sense is what life is all about.


N Green Charm Platinum Bracelet
Via N. Green & Sons Inc., this platinum number has everything! Adventure, love, family, hope, flora, and even a little pizzazz.


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J.E. Obloy is a writer, philanthropist, and lifelong admirer of fine jewelry. Originally from Guam, she now lives in California. Check out her Instagram for more inspiring jewels!


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