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The 5 Biggest Proposal Trends of This Past Engagement Season

Though couples get engaged throughout the year, there are slightly more engagements between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. This is the reason why we pros call it “Engagement Season”. Engagement 101 receives a lot of couples’ proposal stories. They are always a delight to read and share.  While preparing this article we went through all of them one more time to highlight the most popular ideas. If you are planning to get engaged soon, here are 5 inspirational proposal trends that you could personalize and make your own.

1. Disney Park Proposals:

With awesome castles and other props, Disneyland and Disneyworld are great destinations for proposals. Alexis and Nicholas just got engaged in Disneyland. Alexis said she really enjoyed her engagement.

“Disneyland has always been a special place to my family and it had been my dream to get a picture of Cinderella’s Castle in the Christmas lights. My brother, mother and now fiancé were eating a snack in the Walt Disney and Mickey statue section when Nicholas suggested a picture with the sun setting and castle lighting up. He led us to a reserved section in front of Cinderella’s Castle and I kept telling him ‘We shouldn’t be behind this rope!’ repeatedly. He finally talked me into following him and we posed for a picture for my mother. As I was walking away he grabbed my hand and I turned around to find him on one knee. It was a day full of Disney magic and love! He gave me my dream engagement that I didn’t even know I wanted. My Zales engagement ring is a platinum band with a diamond raised in the middle by a diamond halo that’s surrounded by smaller diamonds going around the band. ‘Past Present Future’ is engraved on the inside with each word separated by a diamond.


2. Public Proposals:

A majority of proposals were intimate this season. Yet, there is something to be said in favor of public proposals for outgoing personalities. Ryann is the music teacher at Newark Junior High School teaching both band and choir. He knew he wanted to propose to Laily at one of his concerts. He started arranging music for his band members to play as backing music to what his choir students would sing. He took the song “My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson and changed the instrumental for school band instruments to use (flutes, clarinets, trumpets, etc.) and to allow all level students and alumni to play together. Ryann had previously given his girlfriend, Laily, a heart shaped necklace and earrings for different occasions, so a heart shaped platinum engagement ring was what he was looking for. He asked a couple of his friends and both recommended Shane & Co.. The process was very detailed and a great experience for him. He was even able to watch the diamond being mounted onto the ring. You can watch the proposal on Youtube here.

Photographers – NJHS Media and Chris Carlos


3. Ice Rink Proposals:

Holiday lights make everything pretty which is one of the reasons so many people propose around the holidays. One of the top trend this holiday season was proposing on an ice skating date which is how Noah and Kylie got engaged.  It was Kylie’s dream proposal.

“Although I knew Noah was the one the day I met him, I had no idea on how or when he would ask me to marry him.  If you know me, you know I love everything about Christmas. Being as festive as I am, I made a Christmas checklist of everything I wanted to do before Christmas.  One of the things on that list was ice skating.   Noah had texted me earlier in the day and told me that we were going to go to the Holiday on Ice rink in Charlotte.  Without me finding out, he had been texting my mom all day putting together a plan.  We get to the ice rink around 8:30 pm, rent our skates, and start skating around.  At one point Noah was complaining about the cold and his feet hurting.  So, he asked me to come into the middle so he could rest for a minute and then took both of my hands into his. He looks at me for a minute and then starts.   ‘Kylie Lundgren, I knew from the day that I met you that you were the one.’  He proceeded to get down on one knee, and reach for the little black box in his Patagonia pocket.  A certain warmness rushed all over my body.  Tears started flowing, I had butterflies in my stomach, and a smile that stretched from ear to ear. When the words “Will you marry me” left his mouth, all I could do was rush into his arms and shake my head yes.  I was completely speechless. The whole Ice Rink began to cheer and congratulate us.  Noah had one more surprise for me.  He took my hand and skated over to the side of the rink, where my parents were standing.  They got everything on video, so I could watch the happiest moment of my life, over and over again.   Noah definitely went above and beyond to give me the most special engagement that I could ever ask for. My engagement ring is a platinum double halo, princess cut, from my favorite designer, Neil Lane.”


4. ‘One of a Kind’ Proposals:

Trends are great inspiration but if they are not for you, you can bypass them to find a unique idea. Thomas pulled off a very special proposal and Christy loved it.

“Thomas had planned a whale watching trip for us in Monterey when he found out I had a Saturday off of work. He then mentioned that he had an old coworker who worked at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and that he would be able to get us in for a tour before the aquarium opened on Saturday. We both love saltwater fish tanks, so we were really excited to go behind the scenes!  The morning of the tour dawned, and we had a great time wandering through the aquarium with our guide. We finally got to the big kelp tank, and we noticed there were divers cleaning the glass. The docent offered to take a photo of us in front of the tank, and since we have been trying to be better about taking photos together, we agreed. As we stood together and smiled, the docent told us that the divers were doing something weird, that we should turn around and look. I knew right then what was coming.  I turned to the tank, and the divers were gathered, holding a sign that said, ‘My Sunshine, will you be mine?’ Thomas knelt down and pulled out a ring box and asked me to marry him. I began tearing up and somehow managed to tell him, ‘Absolutely!’ before I promptly knocked the ring to the floor and hugged and kissed him.  My ring is a 1 carat moissanite on a platinum band. It is flanked by a plumeria on either side with satin finish petals with a polished edge, and an ombré design of 26 blue sapphires and diamonds that create a wave on either side of the center stone that leads up the prongs. The waves and plumeria were chosen to reflect my love of the Hawaiian islands and the ocean.”


5. Hiking proposals:

Outdoorsy and athletic couples enjoy hiking together. For these couples hiking proposals with amazing vistas was the hot 2017 trend. April and Jordan got engaged on top of the world, which was perfect for them.

“Jordan, a mutual friend, and I decided to go to Pilot Rock (a large natural landmark on the outskirts of town in which our first date was located). Our friend is a freelance photographer so he immediately began snapping pictures once we reached the top of the rock. I asked him if he could take a picture of Jordan and me since we always liked to document our trips to Pilot Rock. As we waited to have our picture taken, our friend began recording on his camera (which I was completely unaware of). Jordan then proceeded to get down on one knee and ask me to be his wife. My engagement ring is a three stone setting with a platinum band. The middle stone is a diamond while the side stones are emeralds. “



Severine Ferrari is the founder of Engagement 101, the first multi-media platform dedicated to couples planning their engagement. Though she resides in New York, her native French sense of style and romance still strongly influences her editorial vision and voice.


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