Buying Tips

Things to know before making a platinum purchase


Retailer Shane Co.’s Platinum Engagement Ring Buying Tips

PGI asked Shane Co professionals if they have any advice for those ready to purchase a platinum engagement ring. Let’s see what they have to say.

Engagement 101 Minute, Hosted by Michael O’Connor: Determine your Platinum Engagement Ring Budget

Celebrity Stylist Michael O’Connor featuring Greenwich Jewelers tells us what goes into determining the appropriate platinum engagement ring budget.

Be Platinum: Why Metal Matters

Buying a diamond engagement ring? Find out why platinum is the best metal to protect and preserve the beauty of your diamond for a lifetime.


The Truth About Ring Appraisals and Jewelry Insurance

We’re here to clear up some of the most common misconceptions surrounding appraisals for insurance.

Platinum Jewelry and its Patina: What is the Allure?

The history and stories embodied in platinum jewelry through its patina have drawn past and future generations to it.

Michael O'Connor

Engagement 101 Minute, Hosted by Michael O’Connor: How to Get Her the Platinum Engagement Ring She Wants

Watch this video from celebrity stylist Michael O’Connor and learn how to get her the platinum engagement ring of her dreams!

How to Buy the Right Platinum Engagement Ring: A Guy’s Guide

How to Buy the Right Platinum Engagement Ring: A Guy’s Guide

How can you find the right platinum engagement ring for your lady? GQ has you covered with these six tips on how to buy the perfect ring.

Engagement Ring 101: Understanding Setting Styles

Overwhelmed by the number of setting styles available for your engagement ring? We’ve got you covered with this simple primer.

Infographic: Get Your Platinum Ring Size!

Discover your platinum ring size, and figure out how to secretly discern your partner’s ring size, too!

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