Buying Tips

Things to know before making a platinum purchase

Infographic: Get Your Platinum Ring Size!

Discover your platinum ring size, and figure out how to secretly discern your partner’s ring size, too!


What’s Her Platinum Ring Size?

How can you find out your gal’s ring size? It’s easy, just follow these simple steps.

What’s Her Platinum Engagement Ring Style?

What’s her platinum engagement ring style? Check out our handy infographic to find out.

4 Reasons to Go Platinum for Her Engagement Ring

There’s more than one reason platinum should be at the top of your short list when considering the setting for her perfect engagement ring.

How to Match Your Engagement Ring to your Wedding Band

While engagement ring bling is usually in the spotlight, it’s the combination of your engagement ring and wedding band together that needs to be considered.

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Tips for Getting the Best Jewelry Insurance

Think of a jewelry insurance policy like your homeowners or car insurance.

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