Expert Advice from Leading Jewelry Brands on Ring Shopping From Home


We may be in the midst of a pandemic, but the expression “love is not canceled” holds true as couples are still getting engaged and actively shopping for the perfect rings. More couples are searching for engagement rings online now as a safe and convenient alternative to in-store browsing. There’s a lot to take into consideration before making this important decision, so we’ve highlighted some expert advice from leading e-retailers in the industry about the “Do’s and Don’ts” of shopping for an engagement ring online.


What to Know Before Shopping for a Platinum Engagement Ring Online

Set a budget and stick to it. According to Kathryn Money, Senior Vice President of Merchandising & Retail Expansion at Brilliant Earth, “There are no rules that dictate the amount necessary to spend. Budget is entirely a personal choice, and there are so many beautiful platinum ring options, available at all price points.” Adds Ria Papasifakis, Vice President at Ritani, “Setting a budget is the best way not to go overboard. Don’t go into debt over your ring.”

Make sure to find a reputable platinum online jeweler. Shannon Delany, Director of Communications for says, “Protect yourself. Look at their return policy, verify their diamonds are certified conflict-free, and check customer reviews.” Papasifakis says that “it’s important for online shoppers to read between the lines. Some reviewers are earning high bonuses and commissions to hype up online retailers that have larger marketing budgets.”

Take advantage of private virtual appointments with a platinum jeweler. Money notes that “one of the many benefits of an online retailer is the ability to browse uninterrupted for as long as you like, and then seek guidance when the time is right for you. They can provide platinum, diamond and gemstone education, style advice, and guide you through the process of creating your own customized ring at your convenience, and in the comfort and safety of your home.” Papasifakis adds that “during your one-on-one session the jeweler can also show you the diamond under magnification and its inscription number that matches the diamond’s certificate.”

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Platinum ring from Brillant Earth; approximate retail price $2,150

Platinum ring from Blue Nile; price available on site

Platinum ring from Ritani; approximate retail price $2,049

Platinum ring from James Allen; approximate retail price $820

Biggest Mistakes When Shopping for a Platinum Engagement Ring Online

Not consulting with your partner or considering their taste. According to Katie Zimmerman, Chief Merchant at Blue Nile, “there are ways to create a marvelous surprise for the proposal with a platinum ring but still incorporate your partner in the online selection process. After all, this is a piece of jewelry that they will wear every day for the rest of their life, so you want to make sure they love their engagement ring.” Even if you check with your partner, Delany says that “the ring size is often overlooked, so we offer several tools including a free ring sizer online.”

Waiting until the last minute. “Creating a unique platinum ring takes time and skill, and is handcrafted based on the diamond or gemstone that you choose,” says Money. “Make sure to leave time for any last minute changes including engravings.”

Focusing only on the diamond or gemstone and forgetting about the metal. Since you’re investing so much time to find the perfect ring style and gemstone, it’s important to set your special stones in a metal that will last forever. “Platinum is dense and durable, making it the most secure metal to hold your diamonds and gemstones,” says Zimmerman. Papasifakis adds that “unlike white gold, platinum is very low maintenance since it never needs to be re-plated.”

The engagement ring buying process may be changing, but love remains the same. With many couples still getting engaged during the pandemic, shopping for rings online is becoming more and more common. Just like in the store, it’s important to be prepared and educated before making this major purchase. Find even more Platinum Buying Tips here.

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