4 Reasons to Go Platinum for Her Engagement Ring

With the myriad of choices a guy faces when selecting the ring, there’s one question that comes up quite often – which ring really captures how you feel about her?

As soon as you step in the jewelry store, you will have to choose a stone and cut that she will love forever. But don’t forget about the setting. There’s a ton of metal options out there, so we’re here to help you better understand the qualities of platinum that truly set it apart from anything else.

Really, what’s the difference?

Effortlessly timeless, enduring and durable, platinum is the perfect symbol for a forever kind of relationship that is made to last.

But there’s more than one reason platinum should be at the top of your short list when considering the setting for her perfect engagement ring. Read on here for more platinum qualities that differentiate platinum from the rest.

4 Reasons to Go Platinum for Her Engagement Ring

You’ve been searching for the perfect engagement ring for months, but she’s been dreaming of her perfect engagement ring for her whole life. She deserves to be inspired by the one you choose for her – both the setting and the stone should make her dreams come true. Rest assured, platinum is the the most secure setting for diamonds and precious gemstones. You should still get insurance for the ring, but keep in mind that platinum prongs offer better protection than any other metal available. Whether the stone you choose is big or small, a platinum band will hold it best, and for a lifetime.

4 Reasons to Go Platinum for Her Engagement Ring

She’ll wear your ring for many years to come. So something simple, yet beautiful, will show off the gorgeous stone you’ve hand-selected for your future bride. Platinum is the ideal setting for a sparkling diamond or other precious gems. It’s a naturally white metal that won’t ever reflect unwanted color into the stone, thereby truly enhancing the one you’ve selected for the woman you love most.

4 Reasons to Go Platinum for Her Engagement Ring

You want something that will always be beautiful in your eyes, just like she is to you. Platinum never fades or changes color, unlike white gold, which will yellow over time and require annual replatin., A platinum setting helps avoid the hassle of replating your most precious piece of jewelry, making it the ideal investment piece for your bride-to-be. It’s also the purest metal available, typically 95% pure. This means  no re-plating and no allergic reactions or tears (apart from tears of joy of course). Platinum fact: Platinum is hypoallergenic, which is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin or those who have experienced the dreaded green residue left from poor quality jewelry metals.

4 Reasons to Go Platinum for Her Engagement Ring

Are you looking for a serious “wow-factor”? In fact, the Hope Diamond, one of the most celebrated diamonds in the world, is set in platinum. This is because platinum is a quality setting that has been trusted for decades as the most durable available. No, it’s not just beautiful; platinum’s high density means it won’t scratch or wear away over time. This is because the metal displaces – rather than losing little slivers of metal with every scratch (like its white gold counterpart), platinum is everlasting. Her engagement ring is an enduring symbol of your love – and it will stay with you both forever.

4 Reasons to Go Platinum for Her Engagement Ring
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