Platinum Earrings by Jacob & Co. - Three Pairs of Bewitching Platinum Earrings Perfect for the Red Carpet and Beyond -

Dressing up for fancy occasions can be tricky. With so many hard-to-decipher dress codes— creative black tie, fashion formal— it’s easy to fret over which accessories and hemlines will fit in. Still, one thing that will never fail is a pair of distinctive platinum earrings. They lend polish to flirty cocktail dresses, grand ball gowns and all the possibilities in between. These three styles from Jacob & Co. are so irresistible you’ll look forward to getting an engraved invite to a red carpet event…or any party where you want to sparkle.

If you’re willing to go to great lengths for the sake of style, start with Jacob & Co.’s Rare Touch earrings (center). The shoulder-grazing design combines geometric elements reminiscent of Art Deco architecture and lengths of supple platinum mesh dotted with round diamonds. They’ll sway with grace with every move you make, plus you can rest assured no one else will be wearing anything remotely similar. And, minimalists rejoice — there’s no need to add extra jewelry to the equation; these platinum earrings will stand alone quite nicely.

The unfussy shape of platinum and diamond stiletto earrings (right) from Jacob & Co. is about as versatile as can be. When in doubt, the streamlined shape will be a fail-safe dose of sparkle that will never look dated. Constructed so that the precious platinum holding the stones together almost disappears, the earrings create the illusion of diamonds weightlessly floating next to the face. They taper to a diamond-studded point that gives the modern earrings a cool, edgy finish.

To get the look of a siren from the Golden Age of cinema, slip into Jacob & Co.’s Central Park drop earrings (left). With more than seven carats of square emerald-cut and marquise-cut diamonds, these classic platinum earrings have a long, elegant silhouette that’s hard to miss across a crowded room. Pair them with a wardrobe that have clean lines for the ultimate in femme fatale allure. Whenever you need to add a sense of drama to a black tie evening, platinum earrings will fit the role perfectly. They’re a simple touch that frames the face and will only grow more beautiful with time.

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