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When it comes to your wedding jewelry whether it’s your rings or the accessories you wear the day-of, you want them to be timeless and a true representation of your unique self.  Look no further than platinum jewelry as it is the premier option for a symbol you want to last a lifetime and beyond!

Emmy Award winning costume designer Lyn Paolo has a classic personal style where she primarily wears neutral hues, mostly white and black.  She enhances that style with platinum jewelry – a metal she has an authentic relationship with – as it fits whichever style mood she is in.  Lyn Paolo recommends platinum jewelry (check out the video!) for individuals and characters (including Kerry Washington’s ABC Scandal character, Olivia Pope) of all different personas; it’s unique qualities have deep meaning (strength, purity, rarity) themselves and is conducive to being masterly created into any piece of jewelry that holds a rich story unique to its maker.

Lyn carefully selected her favorite styles from a platinum lookbook to create a #LynsPicks Pinterest board featuring platinum wedding jewelry for inspiration for brides and brides-to-be.  Click the link below to view the Pinterest board and to read Lyn’s organic commentary on each selection!

#LynsPicks: Platinum Wedding Jewelry Gallery


A sneak peak:

#LynsPicks: Platinum Jewelry Designs Selected for you by Costume Designer Lyn Paolo-LynPicks example-platinumjewelry.com

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