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Things to know before making a platinum purchase

How to Clean and Care for Platinum Jewelry

April 13, 2017

Adopting these simple cleaning habits will make your jewelry sparkle and leave you secure in knowing your cherished platinum is in tip-top shape.

Gumuchian Prongs

Pure and Secure – The Strength and Beauty of Platinum Prongs

While they may be the tiniest elements of a ring’s design, the prongs are arguably the most important. When it comes to keeping your precious stones safe and secure, there’s no better metal than platinum.

Men’s Wedding Band Buying Tips

Guys deserve the best too! These wedding band buying tips outline three important things to consider prior to making a purchase.


Retailer Shane Co.’s Platinum Engagement Ring Buying Tips

PGI asked Shane Co professionals if they have any advice for those ready to purchase a platinum engagement ring. Let’s see what they have to say.

Engagement 101 Minute, Hosted by Michael O’Connor: Determine your Platinum Engagement Ring Budget

Celebrity Stylist Michael O’Connor featuring Greenwich Jewelers tells us what goes into determining the appropriate platinum engagement ring budget.

Vintage Platinum Engagement Ring - Styles of Yesterday -

Styles of Yesterday for Today: Vintage Platinum Engagement Rings for Every Budget

Planning an engagement and in need of inspiration? We have beautiful vintage platinum engagement rings suitable for every budget!

Be Platinum: Why Metal Matters

Buying a diamond engagement ring? Find out why platinum is the best metal to protect and preserve the beauty of your diamond for a lifetime.

Styles of Today for Tomorrow: Platinum Engagement Rings for Every Budget

Planning an engagement and in need of inspiration? We have beautiful contemporary platinum engagement rings suitable for every budget! 

Top 10 Platinum Vintage & Antique Jewelry Online Resources

As an avid collector of fine platinum vintage and antique jewelry, the hunt is half the fun– the adventure, of finding that special piece.

Platinum Jewelry and its Patina: What is the Allure?

The history and stories embodied in platinum jewelry through its patina have drawn past and future generations to it.

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