It is no secret I am enthusiastically Team Platinum with Platinum Guild International, and I think this year proved to be a particularly brilliant one. Personally, and especially through Instagram, it has been an immense joy sharing treasures being made, given, and cherished from around the world… and embracing lifelong friendships along the way! It turns out that many of the best-loved platinum jewelry on this list are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but some of the most storied as well. Without further ado, let us be platinum together again by taking an abridged look back at 2016’s finest!

Left: As pure as it gets! My daily talisman, an iconic platinum pebble and leather wrap bracelet, by Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia.

Right: Wearing a scintillating Art Deco toi et moi diamond, enamel, and platinum ring (middle) from Jewels by Grace.


#10: This sapphire and diamond brooch from Epoque Fine Jewels has it all: incredible sparkle, the right amount of color, and alluring shapes. Positioned horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally, it is perpetual grace and power personified.


#9: The verdict is out whether this ring classifies as Edwardian, Art Deco, a conversion of either or a contemporary reproduction, but there is no doubt that its central 3.18-carat pear-cut diamond commands attention. The setting is delicate yet striking, with a bow motif providing an elegant touch of movement. One of my grander platinum jewelry eBay finds!


#8: This detail shot of a contemporary bracelet via Tiffany & Co. shows how platinum is the perfect canvas for any and all gemstones: its unchanging natural white luster guarantees no additional color transference, has exceptional durability, and will provide a secure foundation even with the least amount of metal.


#7: Ruby is my favorite colored gemstone, so I’m always on the lookout (intentionally or otherwise) for extraordinary untreated examples… set in platinum, of course! This juicy ring courtesy of Dandelion Antiques had quite the queue of ardent admirers.


#6: Known as the Dutch Sapphire Tiara, it was purchased in 1881 by King Willem III as a gift for his wife. Besides being one of the most magnificent examples of regalia I (and many of you) have ever seen, it is also a time capsule of sorts—had this tiara been made ten years prior, gold would be the predominating metal. But the diamonds are clearly set in platinum, signifying technological advancements that have enabled jewelers to work more easily with the rarest and one of the densest metals on Earth. The standard of crafting tiaras wholly in platinum was established right around 1900, and that custom is followed to this day!


#5: And, to demonstrate the perfect segue, we have a delightful tiara dating to 1919 which sold at Sotheby’s London in June 2007 for almost $83,000. I’ll let you guess the metal of choice!


#4: Platinum jewelry harmony: the softness of the frosted rock crystal against the crisp glitter of diamonds and emeralds drew me to these dramatic earrings from Levy’s Fine Jewelry, and I was beyond charmed that you felt the same magnetism. Needless to say, they quickly found their forever home.


#3: Juan Da Silva is an accomplished jeweler for Fourtané and since sharing his dreamy diamond and sapphire trilogy ring (a winner of JCK 2012 Jewelers’ Choice award, by the way! Oh, and did you spot the darling bows along the undergallery?) he has become a wonderful friend who is every bit as lovely as his creations.


#2: Somewhere between featuring their treasures and talking about how much we love platinum, I eventually realized that David and Michael are the jewelers I wish I could be; I’m eternally grateful that they decided one day to breach the virtual world with their eponymous company,  David Michael Jewels. Preferring platinum and working entirely by hand from rendering to completion, their eye for quality and detail is so apparent that while they are relatively new to the jewelry community on Instagram, they already have a loyal following! The spectacular Colombian emerald shown above is cleverly cradled by a sparkling half dome of yellow diamonds—the platinum is so finely done that it appears as if there is nothing holding the yellow diamonds together but force of will…


#1: … Rightly so, this progression collage of a marvelous platinum halo ring (heart-shaped diamonds!) by David Michael Jewels has earned the top spot as 2016’s most liked image on my Instagram. Platinum perfection.

J.E. Obloy is a writer, philanthropist, and lifelong admirer of fine jewelry. Originally from Guam, she now lives in California. Check out her instagram at https://instagram.com/jeobloy/ for more inspiring jewels!